Building a Niche Home Base Business into an International House Hold Name


Double-Ace Racing Products was the first retailer to carry the AA Radio Controlled Boat Racing Engine Brand. When they sealed the partnership with the manufacturer they set out to be the “ONLY” name known for selling the new engine around the world. As a small home based business that type of brand awareness was certainly a challenge.


The first challenge was to choose a name for the business that was synonymous with the Engine brand yet still distinctive to itself while maintaining relevance to the target audience. After some discussion the team concluded that Double-Ace Racing Products depicted the AA Engine brand while providing some flare and advantage for competition minded customers.

The logo was designed depicting two Ace cards creating the feeling of competitive advantage when choosing DoubleAce Racing Products.

The website was created for the customer to eventually manage. As a result a CMS application was used to build the site. The design relates well to the racing industry using bold and bright colors in contrast to a dark solid base. Initially great care was taken in photography of the AA engine products as the team believed that better images of the product would lead customers to the Double-Ace Racing site as customers want to see product with the most detail available.

The brand building continued with winning races first. Then eblasts, merchandising, sponsorships, videos and social media initiatives were combined to promote the brand’s success in
competition as well as promote company product.


Double-Ace Racing Products ranks number one in searches for AA Engines. It is seen as the sole source of the engine rather than being just one of many dealers. The site has near 300 repeat customers in 17 countries around the globe with individual customer purchase totals reaching as high as $3700.00 annually.

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