Branding an Old Product with a New Face in a Very Competitive Space


So the first thing I do is check out the competition. What are they doing? What are they not doing? And What could they do better that we can capitalize on.

It’s retail and I was called to the job again. I like to think it’s my specialty really. I feel I have a knack for catching the eye of prospective customers, drawing them in, engaging them and converting them to a sale all within the course of a few minutes. In this case we needed to do it all over again for an old product with a new face.

These days it’s a bit tougher though. With the internet and product review sites often times customers have made up their mind. Nevertheless the opportunity still exist for an attractive well thought out retail experience to win them over


In a world of the hands-off online purchase it’s important to give the customer that sensation of touch and feel as much as possible, such the same, as off-the-shelf purchases. For this reason high quality product photography is just as important as ever. Detailed photos of the product were taken at every significant angle to answer the customers every question.

The design of the packaging was next on the list. We chose a color unlike the competitors so it would stand out from the competition at just even a glance. The name of the product was big bold and prominent in a future edge type style to convey leading edge design. Strong contrasting angled lines were used to disrupt the eye in its typical horizontal left/right read behavior. The words “Endless Possibilities” catered to the markets desire to continue to make upgrades to a purchase. This statement eluded to the fact that this product was compatible with most any upgrade possible.

To support the product a variety of accessories were branded to match the product design. This made it easy for the customer to understand that these products were compatible with one another for easy use.


The new design was well received. The appeal and continuity of the accessory line with the feature product was second to none. It provided the customer strong assurance that their purchase was well thought out and seamlessly supported.

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