A Coming Out Party for Mother and Child Celebrating The New Life


After the Marriage Announcment and Baby Announcement design ideas the challenge here was to keep that high level of creativity and execution going. On the menu this time was the Red Egg
and Envelope ceremony. This is a chinese cultural tradition where the mother and new child is presented to friends and family. It is a traditional belief that the mother loses much of her ability to to resist viruses and bacteria and the new born baby needs time to build up such resistance. For this reason it is expected that mother and child stay indoors at home for the  rst 30 days of the birth. With the mother eating a coconction of ginger soup and cognac to build hew immune system and strength. The 30 day rest period is then concluded with a Red Egg and Ginger Ceremony where all friends and family are invited together to meet the new born baby.


With this announcement we searched out a small egg carton, red plastic and assorted gift tissues. I designed a custom party favor and two lea ets. One presented the Lunar animal under which our baby was born with the event specifics cs enclosed. The other shared the history of the ceremony.


The announcements were, once again well received. However, since this was the third of what have been dubbed, over-the-top announcements it just met expectations. What was unexpected on
my part was the amount of family who are accustomed to this ceremony never the knew the history and true meaning of it. So it was quite ironic that they learned it from someone who was new to their culture. I guess you do learn something new everyday even if it’s about yourself.

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