12 Years of Building a Brand in an Environment of Culture Unawareness










2018, Fully Integrated Campaign--Print, Online, Social, Radio, Television, Outdoor


Supermicro is a company made up mostly of Taiwanese immigrants including it’s Cofounders. While they have tremendous insight in developing cutting edge technology the understanding of marketing the product in a manner that is more accepting of western culture where the larger portion of their customer base is was quite a challenge First the company had been growing, although slowly, quite steadily. This made it difficult to justify change, albeit, to improve the effectiveness of the company’s branding efforts.


For the sake of illustrating the evolution of the Supermicro brand we’ve focused on the advertising as a representative of all of the branding efforts. Rightfully so, since most often the advertising was used as the foundation for creating much of the creative assets of the brand once the advertising creative was released.

Being that the majority of the culture at Supermicro is influenced by Taiwanese culture, colors, images and words used in brand assets are influenced as well. It’s been quite the challenge to move the company away from the Blue Sky and Yellow/Gold Type despite these color combinations being more associated with toys and other less critical industries. The reach for improvement over the last 12 years has been relentless but you can see each time some improvement was made we’d get a bit of push back the next time around. Nevertheless we were able to move from advertising with a smorgasbord of product images, blue sky and yellow/gold type to just one hero image. We were also able to move from lots of technical spec to a simple clean message, subhead and brief sell copy. This was utilized across all brand assets.

Much care was put into determining the core value of the company to its customers and making sure that message is delivered first and foremost.


Today both customers and partners can see that the brand has matured in its messaging and sophistication in delivery. Ads are no longer stand alone. They are part of an integrated effort that cross platforms, including outdoor, environment and social channels that drive interest to action and measurable metrics growing the customer base and brand value. As a result, a brand that was valued at just $500M 12 years ago is now valued at $3B.

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