Launching a Brand for a Prehistoric Experience that Hit the Road.


Latin Reach is a marketing agency that focuses on marketing to the Hispanic community and/or marketing entertainment and attractions from South American regions. I was approached to help the team create a business touring replicas of dinosaur skeletons found in Patagonia, Argentina. The task required the writing of the business plan, marketing plan, creating partners, making alliances, designing the event layout and building the means in which it will be transported.


For the purpose of this document we will focus on the creative and branding efforts. First our thought was to create an immersive experience as if to create another world. We settled on the use of the word “Planet” and coupled that with the name of the region to create “Planet Patagonia”.

The logo was created to depict a skeletal footprint of these giant animals that were on display.

The environment and experience was designed to represent the rich vegetative environment that these great beast roamed long ago.

The experience was housed in a giant inflatable tent supported by two tractor trailers which also carried the contents of the spectacle. Visitors were first introduced with a 3 minute introduction of the region of Patagonia and how the skeletons were discovered. From there they proceeded to a simulated excavation site where they can use real excavation tools to uncover replicated dinosaur skeletons.


The event was designed to entertain up to 1 million visitors a year. It remained in South America but laid down the ground work for many of the traveling dinosaur exhibits you see in the US today.

For facilities that could accommodate it, our team partnered with a film production company to produce an IMAX film to compliment the experience. I was fortunate enough to write the film
treatment from which the script would evolve from and introduced the featured Paleontologist, Rodolfo Correa.

The film can be viewed at

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