Satisfying Block Buster Aspirations on a Home Made Movie Budget

Docufilm video delivered on desktop, laptop and mobile devices in digital and social media channels across the internet.


So the VP came to my desk and said he wanted a movie poster for the video projects he assigned the team. Little did he know, I already something in the archives that would fit the project perfectly so that wasn’t the challenge. The true challenge was to satisfy his blockbuster movie aspirations despite having home made video resources.


So the project was to produce a Docufilm discussing the effects of the energy consumption of the increasing count of compute servers around the world, as well as their effects on the environment. Initial concepts included a Mission Impossible type theme but CLevel management did not want to lose focus of the core message. Supermicro is a leader in server efficiency and passionate about using that efficiency to save energy and ultimately reduce the amount of natural resources needed to power servers around the world.

The challenge was to bring awareness to the increasing power consumption of the server industry while also shining a light on Supermicro as the energy efficient server solution without the video looking like a sales pitch.

So what we decided to do was to bring in NASA climate research experts that, not only simulate climate change using large datacenter clusters, but also use Supermicro servers to execute the simulation.

We also included Intel’s CTO to discuss the architecture needed to optimize the minimization of resources in the datacenter environment.

This was all complimented with Supermicro’s CEO explaining his passion to help save the earth and the technical innovation Supermicro has created to lead the way.


An Integrated Digital campaign was delivered through social media and other digital media channels. To give the docufilm that blockbuster film flare the music sound track was produced in
collaboration with Lalo Schiffron the original composer of Mission Impossible. At the time of this study the video had reached 1.6 Million views and counting on YouTube.

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