Heart, Soul and Talent to Announce Our Marriage


In this case, we were the forbidden love as my wife’s parents did not approve of our interracial union. So in order to be together and share the rest of our lives we opted to jet off to Cabo San Lucas to elope. We planned a lavish wedding but the catch was that there were no guest. To capture the moment, however, for all of our friends and loved ones we hired a
photography and video crew to record all of the highlights.

My wife and I had planned the entire ordeal together including the design and purchase of the engagement and wedding ring. The biggest challenge was that I had not even proposed yet. Not very romantic I know. So I had the sneaky task of planning an engagement moment while, already, on our wedding excursion but I finally figured it out. Since we already had a photo crew following us around I charted a yacht where I would pop the question so my wife thought it was just part of the photoshoot. What she didn’t know that a seranading moment was in store right off the shore of the famed Arch of Cabo San Lucas.


As a representation of giving my wife my very best, I wanted this peice to be the very best work I had ever done in creativity, complexity and effort. I also wanted to design the piece in such a way that our loved ones felt like they went on the trip with us.
It started with the outer box that was designed to look like a suitcase with all the places my wife and I had been together to date. It’s a seven piece announcement that includes, two photo albums of preengagement, wedding and post wedding photos. It also has a CD mixtape of our favorite love songs along with a DVD music video with me singing “All of Me” by John Legend. The CD and DVD fold out from the custom jacket to form the Arch of Cabo San Lucas. It also hold the two albums. The piece features custom diecuts, gold foil stamping, embossing, dull and gloss varnish with Aqueous spot printing. Each piece cost $150.00. We sent out 120 announcements.


The announcements were well received to everyone’s surprise. I even achieved my goal of making people feel like they actually made the trip with us. It was funny as word began to spread about the announcement. Some were upset that they did not receive theres. But as it turns out, they did receive it but thought it was a fancy travel promotion that they thought was so nice they put it aside as a keep sake without even opening it. It was truly the talk of the town. Today my wife’s family welcomes me with open arms and we have a little girl that we all love. Her name is Kaiya.

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