Building Gamer’s Trust with Server Reliability


Supermicro is a designer and manufacturer of desktop and server main boards along with servers and desktop chassis. They decided to dip their toe into the gaming board market to see if they could get some traction. However, this is not Supermicro’s expertise. Neverless they managed to have some success in the realm of overclocking which is a very desirable feature in the gaming industry. Unfortinately, Supermicro gaming boards lack much of the desirable features that are popular among customers and provided by much of their competition.


The first challenge was to figure out what the true value proposition was for the product. It wasn’t speeds and feeds. It wasn’t blingy good looks with brushed metal and bright colored LEDs and it wasn’t low cost. After much deliberation the most differentiating factor of the Supermicro gaming motherboards was that they are built with server board construction in mind. This means they have a higher level of durability to withstand long run times at higher speeds. Essentially the team agreed on the positioning statement “Server Grade Quality Built for Gaming”.

The next challenge was the low budget gaming marketing team had for the line. In this case, we needed to devise a campaign that can grow legs and walk on it’s own as we would not have the budget to push it any further. It needed to resonate with the audience in a manner that they would be willing to tote it on their back and take with them. What we believed represented the strength of the product, as well as the interest and enthusiasm of the audience, was the phrase “Play Harder”. Nothing resonated with hard core gamers better. This phrase was carried out on all the collateral and advertising.


For the very first time a video created by the inhouse video team received an enthusiastic ovation from the marketing team and went on to be the most viewed gaming video with an audience retention level of 91.%–More than 20% over the channel average. The slogan has been well received laying the ground work for Supermicro to be taken seriously in gaming industry proving that outright performance is more important than frivolous features. As a matter of fact the Z390 series board is, currently ranked #1 by for the top bin Intel® Core™ i9-9900K processor clocked at 7.511 GHz and chosen for Best of Show at the CES 2019.

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